About Us

Chiles Consulting was founded by Michael Chiles in 2017. In 2018, Mark Stelly joined with Michael. Together, they have created a solid civil design team that is known for both their high quality work and efficient use of time.

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Michael Chiles

Michael grew up in the world of design with a father who owned and managed an architectural firm, which sparked his passion for design at an early age. As a teen, he had an interest in computers, which led to his developing strong IT skills he has implemented both as an employee and as a consultant. In 2018, Michael began his own business providing civil 3D, template, and IT services. He currently specializes in civil 3D, and he has a high level of proficiency in creating surfaces, grading, assemblies, corridors, alignments, profiles, and pipe networks as well as creating the styles to label all of them.

Specialties: Civil 3D, IT, CAD design, graphic design, HR, accounting, 3D design, animation, light modeling & rendering, Hydraflow, SSA for H&H, and creating templates for quantity takeoffs

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Mark B Stelly

Mark has worked in design for over 20 years. Starting out doing architectural design, Mark transitioned his CAD base into civil design in 2007. Since then, he has continued to work on many residential projects ranging from single-home design to collaborating on 700+ acre sites, but he has specialized in commercial design. His commercial sites range from one-off site developments to national commercial chains to multi-acreage, multi-pad sites. He has experience generating alignments, corridors, pipe networks, plan and profile views, and label styles.

Specialties: Civil 3D, Vehicle Tracker, CAD design

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Alisa Miller

Alisa worked as a writer and copy editor for over 12 years before joining Chiles Consulting. She assists the team with administrative duties as well as social media and marketing. Her keen eye for detail has propelled her to learning civil design under the guidance and experience of Michael and Mark.

Specialties: Writing, copy editing, social media, web content