Chiles Consulting has over 20 years’ experience in multiple fields including civil, IT, architecture, and business administration. Our focus resides in the design and production of large single-family subdivisions, multi-family, and small- to medium-sized commercial sites.  

We create and develop CAD and civil standards for organizations looking to get the most out of their software investment. If your firm is just starting out in the industry, and you need templates as a platform to get your construction documents out the door, we have a solution for that.  If your firm is moving forward into the age of BIM and 3D, we offer training and options for that scenario. 

The following skills are resources we utilize regularly that distinguish us.

  • Utilizing GIS to portray the most accurate existing conditions when the data exists

  • Creating surface models to provide the developer with accurate earthwork numbers

  • Creating pipe network models for analysis and self-annotation

  • Creating custom assemblies to model any road condition; including walls, ditches, super elevation, and conditional requirements based on existing conditions

  • Most importantly, bringing all these elements together to generate clear and concise construction documents in a timely manner, which allows for more time to design and less time creating the CDs